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Who I am...

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

My life is a rough sketch. I’m not a finished product by any means. I make mistakes and ask God for forgiveness (erase mistakes) and then it’s back to the art table to work on this sketch, that's me. In God’s eyes I’m already a completed work of art. The Bible says that I’m the Apple of His eye! So each day I strive to see in myself what He sees in me and to live the victorious life He says I can live. Some days I have a lot of hope and I boldly splash bright colors onto my canvas. Other days I may struggle to find hope, question my path and wonder if I'm going in the right direction. On those gray days, I put my paint brush down and seek God for comfort and peace; for guidance. Thank God for His grace because those gray days never consume me. Sometimes they do cast a shadow of doubt over my rough sketch and I find myself struggling to find a ‘good light’ to work by. On those days I get frustrated and wish that God would just let me pull out a fresh canvas or clean sheet of paper and start all over. But The Potter doesn't toss away the entire work of art. Instead, He peels away areas of doubt, fear, and shame. But He keeps me on The Potter's wheel. Thank God He doesn't just give up on me! Amongst the mess, He still can see the parts of the sketch that flow and align with my destiny. We only get one shot at this life here on planet sheet of paper; full of sketched out dreams, eraser marks, and dabs of color here and there. Oh what a beautiful mess. Yet, in His eyes, we're already a masterpiece.

THOUGHT: When people look at the art, I wonder how often they think about the artist.

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