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No, I'm not talking about the triple-digit heat we've been experiencing here in So Cal, lately. I am, however, touting Canva! Whether you have a Pro account or a FREE account, you can create the most eye-catching templates for your blogs and social media accounts. Right now, stories, mood boards, and Instagram posts are flooded with bold, modern design, thanks to the creativity that comes from using Canvas design tools and templates.

Bloggers, life coaches, and just about anyone who has an entrepreneurial spirit, are utilizing this amazing design software to build brands and reach wider audiences. We all know how flooded Instagram can become with millions of creatives showcasing their newest innovations, and the ability to STAND OUT among the crowd is key. As, a designer, I myself love and use Canva on my social media platforms, and I am always striving to keep my content fresh, and engaging.

Now, in case you don't feel super creative, that's okay too. Just check out these stunning templates that you can easily download to use on your own blog and social media accounts! The best part of using these creative designs is that you play a vital role in supporting artists and creatives worldwide!

So, if your dream is to become a life coach, a successful blogger, or an influencer, create the social media presence that will take your brand to new heights, with these beautiful templates!

Happy creating,

Yoli Fae

Can you hear it? Listen closely. Just imagine using this gorgeous font to create beautiful cards, letters, logos, and your favorite crafts. The elegance is almost whimsical, as if there's a balmy breeze whistling across each perfectly crafted letter. Now, can you hear it? "Ahhh...Spring!"

Yoli Fae

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Beautiful - John Davidson

By Putra Khan Learn more at https://crmrkt.com/yogPB0

I absolutely love seeing my textiles on Spoonflower Home's beautiful products! Their weekly challenges encourage artists like myself to tap into our creative flow, understand what is trending, and to think outside the box when it comes to design.

October 5th will be an exciting challenge that I look forward to being a part of; 'Vintage Recipe Wall Hangings'. I will share my entry with you my subscribers and hope you love my design and will cast your vote:) See many of Spoonflower's products on Walmart's website @ https://www.walmart.com/search?q=spoonflower+ and Amazon @ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085S86CNB/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_x_jOOFFb62G3CZK?fbclid=IwAR08Gysix7tudL48mjy05NyVVimhmWOtAtfhiJKHb48huicwAzn08FNsyGI

Thank you as always for loving us at faeDesign. Whether an accent pillow, bedding, or colorful wallpaper featuring our designs, we loving making your space a beautiful place.

Stay creative,

Yoli Fae

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