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A bit of paint party fun!

Paint parties.
Paint parties.

Who’s up for a little paint party fun? Sometimes, the holidays can bring on the blues. You are reminded of a loved one who is no longer with you or struggling financially, and you can’t afford gifts. A season that is supposed to be festive can seem very sad. When we feel this way, many of us gravitate towards a hobby. Something that might take our minds off our current situation. Rather than binge shopping and maxing out your credit card, may I suggest a more sober option that won’t leave you with a shopping hangover and more debt? Before introducing this happy alternative, I want to tell you a quick story. Okay, maybe it’s not such a quick story.

One evening, I was walking through one of my favorite shopping spots, a happy little shopping village, and stopped at a quaint little winery. I gazed into their windows and saw rows and rows of people seated before paint canvases. They were laughing, drinking wine, and painting. I stepped inside and found a little spot in the corner of this amazing place that was bustling with laughter, music, and chatter.  The vibe in the room was intoxicating, and I could feel my mood lift right away. I watched a lady up front instruct the happy crowd on painting a snowy scene on their canvases. I stood in the background for several minutes, absorbed the joy in the room, then quietly stepped out. Yes, I'm talking about paint parties.

When I got home that evening, I Googled ‘paint parties.’ Of course, whenever you Google anything, search engine algorithms monitor your search activity, and before I knew it, paint party posts were showing up in pop-up Ads as I scrolled through social media. Paint parties are all the rage, whether for bridesmaid parties, fund-raisers, birthdays, or even a girl’s night out. These paint parties can be small and intimate or as large as 100 plus people! The average cost to secure a spot at a paint party is around $25 and up. That’s not bad for a fun get-together with family and friends. At least it’s better than maxing out your credit card on a little retail therapy. I even found sites that offered online paint parties! This is perfect if you want to host a paint party in your home, church, recreation facility, etc.

So, my faithful readers, have you ever attended a paint party? I certainly hope you will consider it. I attended my first paint party within a week of visiting that happy little winery. I went alone, but I wasn’t lonely. The comradery in the venue fortified my soul and sense of belonging. The people I sat next to shared a common need with me. They longed for community, fun, and to perhaps try something new. If you decide to attend a paint party, I’d love to hear about your experience! Was it online or at a venue? Did you go alone or with someone? Speaking as an introvert who is happiest most times with her sketch pad or iPad, these days, I am obsessed with digital paint brushes; even I need human connection. I’d love to leave you with some wonderful paint party sites I’ve encountered. Of course, you can Google paint parties in your area and find several options. There are even some paint party mobile options that will come to you.

Blue Bonnet Painted Wine Glass with Stem Painting Kit, I ordered from Tipsy Artist. A fun, paint party online experience.
My Instagram post: Blue Bonnet Painted Wine Glass with Stem Painting Kit, I ordered from Tipsy Artist. A fun, paint party online experience.

I was so excited to order from one artist in particular. I ordered one of her many amazing paint kits for wine glasses. Seriously y’all! Her paint kit is like opening a gift on Christmas morning, full of paints, brushes, a wine glass, and chocolate…yes, chocolate, honey! Follow her YouTube tutorial, which she makes engaging and fun! It’s like having her in the room with you. She is Tiffany Bohrer, and her website is Tipsy Artist. She holds, by far, some of the largest paint parties ever. I know that you will love her site and her charisma.

There is just something healing about art. I looked deeper into the science behind art and anxiety and discovered some interesting facts. Research on the influence of art and active creativity on the brain indicates a frequent elevation in dopamine levels among individuals exploring new creative outlets. And trust me, paint parties are a wonderful creative outlet. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter commonly deficient in those experiencing anxiety, depression, and high levels of stress, tends to see a significant rise through engagement in art therapy. Personally, that explains a lot of why I choose art as my creative outlet to deal with my anxiety. When I paint, sketch, etc., I feel happy. I can't speak for the others I met at the paint party I attended, but as I opened myself up to the whole experience, my shoulders relaxed, my sadness disappeared, and I felt genuine peace. Am I saying that paint parties will heal your depression? No. I am not a doctor. Nor am I a licensed art therapist. What I will say is this. A creative outlet gave me a voice. It helped me to express myself in a way that taught me about the strength inside of me.

Heck, you might be reading this post and thinking, "I don't even like art, but running, now, that's my superpower. All I can say to that is, "More power to you! Whatever brings you inner peace and healing, go for it!" But alas, this post is about paint parties, and if it interests you, I hope you open up to this wonderful creative experience.

As always, I love and appreciate all those who read my blog posts. Every post aims to inform, uplift, and maybe share something that gives my readers hope to step out in faith and make their dreams come true. If you are reading my blog for the first time and enjoy the content, I’d love to have you join our growing community by subscribing to faeDesign. You will not only have access to my monthly blogs but will enjoy subscriber perks, such as huge discounts only available to our subscribers.

As promised, here are a few paint party websites that might interest you.

List of Paint Party Sites:

Purple Easel - So Cal

Paint Nite - Also offers online events

The Paint Sesh - Offers mobile paint parties throughout Southern California

Creatively yours,

Yoli Fae

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