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Hello, Maggie!

'Lemon Berry Stripes,' newest surface pattern from my first floral collection of 2023!
Maggies Floral Coll Ad.jpg

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With a new year comes a fresh, new perspective. Almost four years ago, most people that I knew worked a 9 to 5 and were relatively content with their lives. Who would have ever expected that we would all one day be forced into a new normal; if normal is even a realistic expectation. I will never forget the twilight zone experience of standing in a line that wrapped around our local grocery store, just to buy a pack of toilet paper. I was with my sister, and I picked up a pack of toilet paper and she picked up a pack of paper towels. Immediately, a store worker told us that we could only choose one paper product, not two. I felt like I was in a bad movie...

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Do you have a business idea or products you'd love to open a shop and sell?  We have the artwork for your business logo, web art, products, and branding. We also have the most competitive pricing for commercial and extended commercial licensing! At faeDesign, we work with our clients to ensure they absolutely LOVE the illustrations they license. Our goal is that the artwork you license is THE BEST fit for your products and your brand. 


Take a peek at these graphic illustrations and reach out to us if you have any requests for customization, general questions, or just want to say, "Hi!" 


Okay, fellow business owners and entrepreneurs...Get Busy!

2023 color of the year:
Viva Magenta!


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